Joseph Lucatorto

Joseph Lucatorto is President and Chief Executive Officer of Lucatorto Partners, which he founded in August 2006.  Mr. Lucatorto is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on telecommunications marketing, network architecture design and regulatory compliance.  Mr. Lucatorto is acknowledged as the architect of the first Inter-exchange Access tariffs that led to the creation of the Regional Bell Operating Companies and was named the “Father of Interconnection” by the Financial Times for forging groundbreaking agreements that ushered in U.S. telecom deregulation.

Mr. Lucatorto’s career has spanned four decades with the “Bell System,” working at both AT&T, its Bellcore Labs as well as the sibling and successor companies to New York Telephone, including managing the combined enterprise voice and data service offerings for Verizon, serving a market segment representing more than one-third of the Fortune 500 companies.

At Verizon, Mr. Lucatorto is credited with ushering in the era of managed services and voice/data convergence, having architected enterprise customer solutions that met the explosive demands for seamless connectivity from the world’s most data and network-centric industry, the Wall Street finance capital in lower Manhattan.  He is credited with the introduction of NYNEX Enterprise Services, considered the industry’s first software-based “on-demand” end-to-end managed service offering resulting in landmark agreements with major customers that included the Securities Industry Association.  In addition, Mr. Lucatorto in association with IBM launched the NYNEX Internetworks IMPOWER Vision, recognized as one of the first Internet Protocol computing network platform offerings for carrier based value added services.

Mr. Lucatorto’s skills in marketing, business management and integration as well as complex enterprise solutions were tapped for key leadership roles in the development of integrated services offerings resulting from the merger of Bell Atlantic and NYNEX and the subsequent acquisition of GTE.  Most recently, his expertise was recruited as Verizon’s Vice President of Telecom Business Management, responsible for the seamless integration of enterprise customer services from the combined resources of Verizon and MCI Business.

In addition to serving as the Chairman of the Board at Optical Crime Prevention Inc., Mr. Lucatorto resides on the board of directors for Encore Networks Inc. and serves on advisory boards for Matisse Networks, DragonWave Inc. and Wesley Clover.

Mr. Lucatorto, a native of Queens, New York, received a degree in Electrical Technology from Queensboro College, attended Queensborough College Advanced Mathematics Program as well as the Advanced Management Program at Columbia University.

PannebakerWilliam Pannebaker

William Pannebaker was named Senior Partner, Business Strategy at Lucatorto Partners, which he joined in 2008.  Mr. Pannebaker has an extensive background in Performance Management, Business Development, Product Marketing and Financial Analysis, and is credited with turning around a $60M business unit of a Fortune 50 company.  In addition, Mr. Pannebaker secured new revenue in both domestic and international markets by spearheading new product and service introductions. 

Prior to joining Lucatorto Partners, Mr. Pannebaker spent his professional career with Verizon and its predecessor company, GTE.  While at Verizon, he created the first national rental paging program, launched high-speed cellular data services in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, developed and launched a break-through win probability forecasting tool into the enterprise bid process, improved large bid process time through the development and implementation of an innovative on-line bid management tool, launched outbound telemarketing campaigns and negotiated large/complex resale agreements.

Most recently, Mr. Pannebaker was the Director of Process, Systems and Metrics at Verizon Business, where he envisioned and designed operational reporting processes and packages for the national enterprise expansion initiative and led the integration of MCI processes into the Verizon complex bids organization.  Through his unique application of statistics, financial analysis and operational metrics, he focused the business to evaluate resource engagement based on “expected return on labor hour invested,” saving thousands of resource hours and improving win rates by over $200M.  In addition, he led the development of the company’s first complex solution knowledge base, an on-line meta-search decision support tool for final bid responses.

Mr. Pannebaker received his B.S. in Business Management and was an M.B.A. honors graduate with a concentration in Finance from The Pennsylvania State University. He currently resides in Southlake, TX and is a member of the Business Process Management Institute, Six Sigma Benchmarking Association and American Society for Quality. In addition, Mr. Pannebaker volunteers his time to the local HOA and Girl Scout Troops.


John Faccibene

John Faccibene joined Lucatorto Partners in 2009 as Partner – Business Development. For the past 40 years, John has been a well-known and influential force in the Finance industry. In 1994, he was voted one of the top twenty-five (25) most powerful people in the communications industry (Network World). Mr. Faccibene is an active and influential member of numerous internationally recognized financial and telecommunications industry organizations. He was a senior member of the Security Industry Association (SIA) Technology Management Committee for the eighteen years, serving as its Chairman for two years. He was honored by the SIA for his contributions to that organization and the securities industry as a whole. John has also been a senior member of the Wall Street Telecommunications (WSTA) Executive Committee for the past twenty-three years, serving as President for three years. He previously served as the Chairman of the NYNEX Executive Forum and Newbridge Worldwide User Group.

During his career, John held positions with several world class companies, including: Dean Witter Reynolds where he held the position of Vice President Communications for 10 years. This position included both communications and data processing operations. From there, John worked for PaineWebber as Corporate Vice President of Communications for 10 years. There he managed a staff of 150 technology employees and a communications budget of $100 million. John also served as Senior Vice President of Technology for Garban, an Inter-Dealer broker with offices throughout the world. John held this position for 10 years before moving to Ixnet where he was a founding partner and served as Managing Director of Global Operations with a staff of 500 individuals.

John McMenamin

John McMenamin is a Partner and the Chief Technology Officer for Lucatorto Partners LLC, which was formed in August 2006 from a select group of telecommunications and IT professionals. Mr. McMenamin is a seasoned information technology and telecommunications manager with years of experience providing solutions for major service providers, vendors and their customers.

After working for a major U.S. railroad and an extended tour in the U.S. Army, Mr. McMenamin began an extraordinary twenty six year career working for “Bell System” companies AT&T, Bell Labs, Western Electric and Verizon predecessors NY Telephone and NYNEX. Starting in the crafts, Mr. McMenamin’s career progressed quickly, including a variety of high responsibility management and engineering positions. Within the Network and Technology Departments, his responsibilities involved virtually every type of switching, signaling and transmission system in the network. It was during this period he began development of his Information Technology skills while working with custom AT&T and IBM systems, DEC, HP and SUN systems, RISC workstations and the emerging PC platform as well as IP based switching and routing technologies.

Realizing the importance of real-time management in a service or solutions success, Mr. McMenamin is credited with designing the first managed IP command and control network within the industry using a high availability self-healing FDDI WAN backbone throughout New York City, Brooklyn and Long Island.

Mr. McMenamin has held a number of highly visible technology positions including Director ESAC (Electronic Systems Assistance Center) where he participated in and managed many successful network and system disaster restorations. It was while working as a Director for Special Projects and Engineering that Mr. McMenamin was introduced to Mr. Lucatorto, soon after becoming the principal network architect and facilitator for NYNEX Enterprise Services where he was instrumental in this revolutionary “on-demand” services command and control, network and operations center design.

Leaving NYNEX in 1995, Mr. McMenamin began a notable telecom and IT consulting career which continues today with Lucatorto Partners. During this period, he has worked for clients on three continents by way of his own company or with other consulting firms such as Cap Gemini Ernst & Young where he was a Senior Industry Consultant and Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and the Scholz Group, a consulting firm specializing in market development and technology design services. Mr. McMenamin’s clients have included a virtual “who’s who” in the communications and IT industry including such companies as Alcatel, AT&T, British Telecom, Comcast, General Motors, General Dynamics, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Mitel Networks, Newbridge Networks, SBC, Sprint, South African Telkom, Sun Microsystems, Telcordia and Verizon.

Robert Romano

Robert Romano joined lucatorto Partners in 2008 as Business Partner for ‘Strategic Development’. Bob has more than 30 years of executive leadership experience in new business development, strategic sales growth and change management in rapidly shifting technology companies. An accomplished Chief Executive Officer and corporate strategist, his vision and expertise in emerging technologies allowed him to build one of the countries largest audio-visual companies. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Univisions Video Systems, he built the company through elite strategic partnerships, innovative sales force management and constant recalibration of the company’s competitive edge to leverage disruptive technologies. An energetic, hands-on manager and motivator, he assembled a world-class team of talented solution architects, engineers, sales managers and employees to quickly become one of New York’s most prominent technology integration companies. Romano targeted Crimson Tech in Boston and post acquisition several years later sold the combined companies UnivisionsCrimson to a AV/Telecom company.

Bob is known for his keen ability to identify new opportunities for profit and quickly mobilize a team to capitalize on his strategic vision. He was the founder and CEO of Axxess Television Company (a spin-off of Univisions) which produced nationally syndicated television programs, custom production for advertising video production agencies & animation. While Univisions Communications Group was integrating technology in world class facilities around the country, Axxess Television Productions was creating training and programming solutions for customers, teaching them how to optimize the use of their technology or helping their marketing departments grow their businesses. ‘Axxess’ received wide acclaim through 12 major Telly production awards after which Bob lead the highly profitable sale of the business to a public broadcasting company in 2006.

Bob Romano’s exceptional track record of business development and profitability growth is based in part on his philosophy of ‘selling through, not just selling to’ partnerships. He is widely acknowledged in the professional Video/AV industry as a trailblazer in discovering new technological applications for emerging technologies, unified communications, mobile productivity applications and managed services. An energetic strategist, he has vast experience in channel marketing, channel conflict management, sales management, system design / build submittal process and account development & retention. His expertise and industry knowledge has served him well as a senior member on many dealer advisory boards including SONY, Panasonic, JVC, NEC, AMX and Motion Computing. Bob has also served as Chairman of the National Professional Systems Network Integrators (PSNI) sales managers group, where he has led their strategic alliance team’s expansion roadmap and policies.

Bob Romano’s input is sought after in the field of corporate strategy account development which he has channeled into his own senior corporate consulting firm, ‘Axxess Solutions’. He has consulted for Verizon Business, Verizon Federal and British Telecom. Additionally Romano’s consulting company has successfully located, identified and qualified business partners to be acquired, merged or assisted in placement of private equity. Besides being owner of Axxess Solutions, Bob is also a Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Video Corporation of America, based in New York, NY.

Bob currently lives with in Syracuse New York where he enjoys being a guest speaker at Syracuse University entrepreneur classes, providing motivational speeches for corporations and consulting on sales funnel forecasting process.

Thomas Mihalko

Thomas Mihalko joined Lucatorto Partners in 2009 as a Senior Partner, Sales and Business Development. Mr. Mihalko has over 35 years experience in the Telecommunications industry. He is a highly skilled, results-oriented, Telecom industry professional who effectively functions in Executive Sales, Business Development, Engineering, Project Management and Technical Support across a broad spectrum of Telecom service providers including wireline, wireless and cable markets. Mr. Mihalko has worked in Fortune100, as well as start-up companies, and in his varied roles has developed his expertise in Executive level relationships and executing channel “account win-plans”. He brings a broad-based Sales and Technical expertise that is unique to Lucatorto Partners.

Just prior to joining Lucatorto Partners, Mr. Mihalko spent four years at Telcordia Technologies. As National Account Executive at Telcordia, he was responsible for Sales and Business Development of IP Interconnection and Centralized Data Registry solutions. The IP team was awarded the North American IP Interconnection solution, a multi-carrier application, with Verizon, ATT and Sprint/NEXTEL, LLC. Mr. Mihalko also initiated and closed one of the industries first Optical Transport Control Plane Technology applications, integrating JIT Inventory and Bandwidth-on-Demand applications.

Mr. Mihalko’s telecommunications’ career began with 20 years in the Bell System where his last assignment was as an Optical Digital Switching expert with Verizon Engineering. During his career with the Bell System, he was appointed Corporate Leader and received the President’s Network Services Achievement Award.

He continued his telecommunications’ work in Sales with Raynet/Raychem Systems as the Project Manager of the first successful industry Fiber to the Curb deployment. As a member of the National Optical Access Forum, Mr. Mihalko engineered the first applications of Optical Digital Subscriber Loop Access with DSC/Alcatel. As an Enterprise team member, he co-authored several multi-service Optical Access and Transport Switching Solutions, including the industry’s first Customer Network Management System. Mr. Mihalko received the Elite Sales and President’s award in support of the Enterprise Management solution. In addition, Mr. Mihalko was appointed to represent Digital Switching on the nation’s first Number Portability Committee with New York Public Service Commission.

Mr. Mihalko was a founding Executive and VP of Sales at Metro-OptiX, one of the first successful Optical Multi-Service Switching Products that combined TDM, ATM and IP switching in a single product. With additional assignments at Level 3 and Movaz Networks, as Enterprise Channel Sales/Business Development Director, Mr. Mihalko maintained a track record of success-based selling and technical knowledge and was recognized for introducing products that align with partners’ strategic initiatives.

Mr. Mihalko has an MBA in International Business from Johnson and Wales University, an MS in Computer Science from Johnson and Wales, and a BS in Electronics Technology from Penn Technical Institue. In addition, Mr. Mihalko has attended Executive Level Management training at Brown University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Babson College.

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